Stephen NavyacStephen Navyac spent more than two decades in the music business as a tour manager, sound engineer and working in artist management, artist development and sponsorship marketing. After serving as a tour manager for acts including Faith No More, Lucinda Williams, The Mavericks, Keith Urban and Sara Evans, Stephen decided it was time to follow his passion and transition into a career as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He began pursuing his master’s degree while still on the road, and today he is an LMFT certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy and EMDR, providing counseling for individuals and couples.

After spending time in therapy and groups facing areas of his life he felt stuck in, Stephen wanted to help others with the same challenges. Having experienced the stress and challenges of life on the road he gained insight that makes him uniquely qualified to help touring professionals (and their families) face life challenges and thrive.

Stephen has a heart for those who have experienced difficult times and are dealing with trauma, stress, addiction, depression, etc. Whether these issues stem from a client’s upbringing or their current life situation, Stephen draws on his training and life experience to get to what is underneath these issues.

Stephen is an avid reader and DIYer. He and his wife Susanna are also very plugged into their Hillsboro Village neighborhood and the local community. Having been blessed to work with quality artists and touring staff over the years, he now enjoys life off the road, helping others navigate those careers’ unique challenges.

For more information, rates or to schedule a session with Stephen in Hillsboro Village, contact 615-300-0883.