The touring life has its share of rewards, but also its share of challenges, stresses, and complications. We at TCW are firm believers that an ear to listen and a voice to guide you can help get you through some difficult times. With this, we are pleased to announce our “All Access” program. With this program, TCW will pay for your FIRST TWO sessions with one of our designated Life Coaches or Therapist. We do not want finances to be an obstacle for any individual that needs someone to talk to. We will receive a bill from our designated providers for their services and will never know your name or what you spoke with them about. Confidential and simple. I, Chris Lisle, am in no way embarrassed to say that I see a Life Coach on regular basis and that this is an important part of the team that supports me.

Our designated providers are:

Stephen Navyac – LMFT

Bill Speight – Life Coach

Dr. Erin Fowler – Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Lori Simms, Ph.D. – Clinical Psychologist