Are you where you want to be? Not only in your career, but in life? Erik is here to share his insight on taking the next steps toward your goals and future.

Speaker: Erik Parker

Erik ParkerErik Parker is a habitual dreamer. As a kid, he dreamed of attending Country Music’s CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee one day, only to find himself calling the city home several years later. He dreamed of working in the country music business, only to find himself working with some of the stars he looked up to for so many years. He dreamed of traveling around the world and meeting folks of all kinds, only to find himself doing just that…helping create an environment for music that gave fans of all shapes, sizes, colors and beliefs structures an escape from one thing all beings have in common: Reality.

Today, Erik continues dreaming with the large task of changing the world. He strives to make sure each person knows their worth, their purpose, and their legacy left to leave. He understands the hardships in life and the difficulties to overcome them. But, he also understands the power of standing up as the current gets stronger and saying “NO MORE”. Erik understands that it’s not always about our situation, but about how we use our situation to our advantage as a launching pad to get where we want to go.

“Once a dreamer, always a dreamer.”