Having a child is one of the most rewarding, difficult, terrifying and absolutely amazing parts of anyone’s life. You want to be there for their first steps, first words, first 80’s hair metal reference. You want to be that parent on the sideline of every soccer game and football touchdown and you want to be able to enjoy helping them learn that common core math problem that would make no sense to even Einstein if he were still alive! You also want to be able to be a partner to your other half; you want to be able to tag them out when the day is too stressful, and you want to have their back all the time and in person, not via a facetime call or from a distance.

Unfortunately, the touring business takes you away from many of those moments and can make it difficult to not only be around for the kids, but also the spouse. We’ve brought a few great friends that have toured and travelled for many years to talk about some of the challenges they face regularly, but also give some insight as to how you can make the times you are gone easier and the time you are around even more special.

Speakers: Mark Miles (Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert), Erik Leighty (Paramore, Miranda Lambert), Jennifer Moore (4Wall Entertainment)

mark-milesAn audio engineer by trade, Mark Miles began working professionally in live audio and concert production in 1992. Working for a regional concert promoter in Illinois until 1999, he gained invaluable experience in concert production across multiple genres. He transitioned into touring in 1999 after moving to Nashville. Traveling the world in the years since, Mark has built a foundation of first-hand experience that continues to serve him well in this ever-changing industry.

Mark has served as Tour Manager, Production Manager, Stage Manager and Audio Engineer for a long list of artists and special events. For over eight years, he worked with Keith Urban. Other clients include Miranda Lambert, Babyface, Dream Theater, IEBA, Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp plus many more.

erikleightyErik Leighty has been touring since 1998 with artists such as Alice In Chains, Rob Zombie and Staind. He has spent the last 7 years touring with Paramore and most recently, Miranda Lambert.

He married his wife Bethany in 2007 and in 2008 they had their first son. In 2012, they welcome their second son. Touring with Paramore kept him on the road over 250 days per year some years, which proved challenging with two young boys at home. Touring full time with a family proved to be a delicate balancing act, which eventually led him to join the Miranda tour, where he could be home more to spend quality time with his family.

jennifer-mooreJennifer Moore works as Vice President of National Business Development for 4Wall Entertainment. 4Wall Entertainment is a full-service event equipment company that specializes in providing entertainment lighting nationwide through 7 office locations, including Nashville. Moore has been with 4Wall for the past 3+ years developing business on a National level with a specialized focus on the Touring market. Her start in the industry came after graduating Summa Cum Laude with a double major of Business Administration and HR Management. Moore entered the industry at a young age, jumping from ownership of her own company to a position within Martin in 2001.

Beginning in the marketing department, Moore spent almost thirteen years with the lighting giant, Martin by HARMAN, learning every facet of the industry by working in sales, marketing, projects, and executive administration. Her experience falls upon a number of market segments including touring, rental production, installation, and re-sale.

Jennifer is married and has 3 daughters ages 13, 15 & 18 and has raised them in the entertainment industry while maintaining a full-time job and traveling. Juggling schedules and maintaining the work-life balance…..living proof that the struggle is real!