One of the greatest perks of the industry we’re apart of is the ability and often requirement to travel to all different parts of the country and the world. We get to stay in many hotels with ALL of the views of parking garages and mountains alike, we fly pretty much any where Southwest Airlines goes and experience places that we never knew even existed. Vince is going to share some tips and tricks to making the most of out our traveling experiences and using the points and miles in our favor!

Speaker: Vince Romanelli

vince-romanelliVince is the bacon of the entertainment industry. …..a little fatty around the edges, but loved by everyone. Except for vegetarians, but who cares about their opinion anyway? ” …but what does that MEAN?!

As an Entertainment Show Producer, Vince has been able to create shows that please audiences literally around the world. From Dubai to Kentucky, companies hire him to build concept shows that leave audiences and clients blown away. Vince’s shows have featured drum lines, street percussionists, dance troupes, and even a full on Rock Band. With his shows, the possibilities are endless! His strength lies in working with clients to put a show together that best suit their needs. His vast knowledge of the Entertainment industry allows for a streamlined and well educated process for the client and the agent.

Vince is the new generation of performer. He pairs stand-up comedy with virtuosic drumming skills; All of the talent of a classically trained musician with the fast-paced wit and sarcasm of today’s top comedians. He’s been honing his craft for over 20 years, and enjoys sharing his passion with every audience he entertains. You can see Vince on America’s Got Talent, Headlining on Disney Cruise Lines, or in one of his numerous shows around the world. Companies such as General Motors, Miller, Horseshoe Casino and Under Armour have booked his corporate act.To give back to his community, Vince has performed in countless churches, libraries, elementary schools, fairs and scouting events.