Mentorship Program: It’s Not Too Late!

Good news! It’s not too late to sign up for the TCW mentorship program! The application process is simple, so head on over to our Mentorship Program page for more details.

It is our goal to assign each mentee with a mentor that shares their similar interests, career paths, and goals to allow for the most relevant advice and topics for both parties. Though it is our goal is to make the ideal matches, we do not guarantee that anyone will be paired with the “perfect” candidate, or that all applicants will get paired in this first, inaugural round of the TCW Mentorship Program.

Much like the annual workshop, this is a free program and neither TCW nor anyone involved in the TCW brand will receive any commission or ‘kickback’ related to this program. We are solely going the extra mile to accomplish what we set out to do when we started in 2011 which is to provide advice and guidance for the advancement of Touring Professionals.